Where can I find examples of your work?

a limited portfolio is available on studiocitytattoo.com 

instagram: @sickletattoo


How much? 

consultations are free. 

shop minimum is $120

shop rate: $200/hr

the shop offers a day rate of $1000 for large projects

a deposit of $120 is required for appointments 

the deposit comes off the price of the tattoo


Can you send me the design? 

no, I do not send tattoo designs over email 


Do you do hand tattoos? 

I do not tattoo fingers or hands unless the person is already heavily tattooed


Does it cost more to get a color tattoo? 

color does NOT cost more


Do you do coverups? 

yes i do cover ups 

consultation is required for cover ups


How much do you charge for touchups? 

i will do a touchup for free within 6 months


What kind of ink do you use? 

all the pigment i use is top quality and vegan.